Along the Enchanted Way

The itinerary we propose to you is a unique combination of traditional and modern that will surely change your perception of Romania forever. It will take you from the heart of Romania; with it's imposing Gothic style houses and churches, to the timeless villages in Romania's North and will end in the majestic city of Budapest.

Anyone passing through rural Romania is sure to notice the clash of speeding cars and leisurely passing horse and wagons. Rural Romania is a special alcove in Europe where a vast number of its population still maintains an antiquated lifestyle extinct in the west.
Rural Romania is nature at its fondest moments. It means quaint villages, a central church with passing cows and sheep, and swaggering peasants shouldering long wooden handled scythes. Rural Romania is water drawn from the earth, and for those lucky enough to share a bite with a peasant family it means a simple meal raised out of the garden and barn. Rural Romania is old-fashion hospitality where a man's value isn't found in his pocket but by the character he composes.

Join us on this very special tour and discover a timeless place!
Price: €2080 per person in twin/double share

Departures: 24th of June; 23rd of September

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