A trip can have multiple meanings, from trivial entertainment, to deeper knowledge of a place and people. When you travel the world and start understanding different cultures and civilizations, feed your mind and soul and accumulate experience, you grow spiritually.

The trips we have designed for you are more than just a glimpse into Balkanic culture; they are journeys into history that is not confined to archaeological sites and museums, impressive scenery that has remained unaltered throughout the centuries, and genuine contact with the diverse mosaic of people and cultures of the Balkans.

  • arts-culture

    Art & Culture

    The tours in this category are an incursion into the culture of the Balkans. They are designed to include the most well known sights in the region, and will be a great starting point of your path to discover the Balkans.

  • festivals-events

    Festivals & Events

    No matter the month or season, there are always celebrations in the Balkans. Traditional folklore, craft fairs, international music festivals are all a part of the rich and varied cultural heritage this region has to offer. Our specialty is to create memorable and educational tours for all those who want to emerge themselves into the culture of this unique part of Europe.

  • special-tours

    Special Tours

    Whether you feel passionate about history or you are interested in nature and wildlife, or maybe just a keen photographer, we have something for everyone. Our special interest tours offer you the opportunity to broaden your horizons, learn about other cultures and meet interesting people while giving you a well-deserved, relaxing break.