Mysteries, legends, traditions. Creativity, energy and spectacle. And, above all, people whose hospitality is taken to the rank of religion. These are just some of the elements that draw the profile of this hub of history: the Balkans. A universe both fantastic and strange, with a fascinating cultural heritage and a unique identity in the world.

Any destination you choose on the map of eastern and southern Europe, you will have a profound experience of temporal loops: Athenian antiquity or Viennese aristocracy, Istanbul's Byzantine sophistication or the dramatic Mediterranean nature of Dubrovnik, the picturesque old bazaar in Skopje or the culinary "kaleidoscope" of contemporary Tirana. Just like a very old object has a sort of gentle depth, a destination with historical resonance has a huge potential to offer memorable feelings and sensations.

So welcome to the "reception hall" of the most tumultuous, sagacious and hospitable melting pot of European history: the Balkans.